5 Cutest Match-3 Games on Match3Games.Club

Looking at cute things have proven to improve a person's mood. So, if you need a mood lift, feel free to drop by and check out our list of the cutest match-3 games! 5 Cutest Match-3 Games on Match3Games.Club large

Match3Games.Club is set up with one and one reason only, that is to curate and provide the best match-3 HTML5 games that you can play directly on your browser without having to download them! These games are completely free to play, to boot!

Due to our moods, we might sometimes look for cutesy games to play just because of the joy these games can spark in us. After all, you can't stay unhappy if you are playing games that just flood your brain with dopamines, the happy hormones. So, if you're looking for cute games that will not only make you go "awww..." but also make you happy as you play them, well, these are the few we'd recommend!

1: Momo Pop

Momo Pop is a highly addicting game in which players have to match together pretty looking animals in order to complete the objectives assigned by the level and progress further. The game offers all the things that make match-3 games great and this, paired with its delightful visuals, makes it a game worth trying out.

Play now: https://www.match3games.club/play/momopop

2: Juicy Dash

Juicy Dash is a fun filled game in which you’ll get to match together delicious fruits in order to progress further into the game. The game features a score based level system in which you’ll have to reach a certain number of points instead of completing an assigned objective. The game is a delight to play and has some absolutely gorgeous visuals for players to enjoy.

Play here: https://www.match3games.club/play/juicy_dash

3: Fruita Swipe 2

Fruita Swipe 2 is quite similar to the aforementioned Juicy Dash in various ways but the game does have a variety of its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the crowd. The game features an objective based level system that requires players to match the required amount of fruits and it allows players to create special fruits by matching together four or more together in a single turn.

Play now: https://www.match3games.club/play/fruita_swipe_2

4: Fruita Crush

Not a fan of hexagonal grids but you love playing casual games with cute fruits in them? Well, we've got you covered! Fruita Crush features the similarly-adorable fruits from Fruita Swipe coupled with a fun and casual, moves-based match-3 gameplay that you'll definitely be able to enjoy.

Play here: https://www.match3games.club/play/fruita_crush

5: Plushy Animals

Plushy Animals is an incredibly cute and addicting connect-3 style game that you won’t be able to get enough of once you start playing. The game features what is perhaps one of the most delightful art styles we’ve seen in a game from this particular genre and it pairs this style with engaging gameplay that players are sure to get hooked on.

Play now: https://www.match3games.club/play/plushy_animals